Our Technologies

At Ubitus, we believe user experience is the key to success when delivering multimedia content. Our technology offers users a consistent experience where they don’t need to worry about the fragmented media content formats, nor do they have to struggle through the compromised performance when accessing the content. The unique transcoding patented algorithm brings content to users’ devices in real-time, while optimizing the servers’ performance to truly unleash the computing powers. As long as the users stay connected, they can get the content in the most desirable fashion.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Utilizing cloud computing to deliver services

Laying at the core of our technology is a massive and aggregated computing power to the application. Ubitus cloud computing technology adopts a distributed Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to accelerate the vast computing tasks efficiently within the cloud, whether they are multimedia conversions, game frame compressions or other computational-intensive jobs. The cloud itself consists of heterogeneous platforms empowered by our unique algorithm that could distribute computing jobs evenly and intelligently across the network. The agile Computing Cloud transforms from micro-sized cloud consisting of multiple GPUs within a single device, to a larger cloud network of hundreds of hosts connected together.

Ubitus Computing Cloud has the following characteristics:

  • Cross-platform and IP-Transparency capability.
  • Distribute platform tasks evenly and intelligently across the network.
  • Superior load-balancing and better fault-tolerance.
  • Dynamic expansion and high scalability.
  • One-to-Multiple delivery with lower network traffic.
  • Superb performance for parallel computing applications such as multimedia and Gaming.
  • Extremely fast codec transformation and video compression/decompression.



Computing power beyond boundaries

Our customers recognize our solution as the answer to operational efficiency because we place management at the center of the virtualization network. Our approach helps them improve business agility and bottom-line commitment by aggregating internal resources including computing power, memory, storage, content resources, libraries and applications as ONE device. Our flexible infrastructure also allows external content residing on the network or locked within personal devices to be merged into ONE source.

Through this approach, our customers can realize maximal business potential when organizing widespread resources in diverse formats into a single manageable resource spanning across the network.

Anytime, anywhere access

Anytime, Anywhere, Access

Convenient entertainment experience everywhere

Ubitus brings our customers a comprehensive solution that realizes anytime access across platforms on various devices ranging from Smart TV, Google TV, Set-Top Box, PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet. Users can enjoy the seamless entertainment experiences of gaming and multimedia, regardless of screen-resolutions, network capabilities, codec-supports and mobility characteristics. We provide a pervasive technology which empowers different devices with corresponding capabilities to have access to the computing cloud and provide the best quality of entertainment to each device:

  • Secure access with authentication, authorization and accounting.
  • Selectable level of encrypted messaging.
  • Adapt to the network conditions of devices.
  • All devices with different capabilities following a set of protocols could access the cloud.
  • Support all major industry mobile operating systems.
  • Support the majority of mobile web browser.

Anytime, anywhere access

Interactive Media Delivery

Live action on any devices

The complexity of the numerous content types spreading across the web urges us to create an approach to interact with these contents efficiently. At Ubitus, we developed a unique technology for contents to be fetched directly from the web or from any digital device. Our Interactive Media Delivery solution essentially allows all digital forms of data residing in your digital network, including multimedia streams, live feeds, documents, games to be processed and delivered while still enabling users to interact with rich media contents.