Solution to Enrich Your Cloud

At Ubitus, we believe to differentiate your business by bringing never-seen-before services is the key to truly stand out from the crowd. Our turnkey cloud solutions can enable you to bring distinctive interactive media-rich services (e.g. PC/Console games, OTT internet/flash content, etc) that is truly attractive, accessible and affordable to your customers through all kinds of devices, whether it’s a Smart TV, Google TV, STB, PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, and via multiple network environments like fiber, xDSL, DOCSIS, 4G LTE or WiFi. On top of that, our platform is fully interoperable with various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) to bring more fun and service stickiness to your customers.

We have multiple solutions below for you to choose from and are here to work with you to ensure the best option that fits your business. To learn more about our solutions – please don't be hesitate to contact us.

White Label Turnkey Solution

Are you trying to build a customised cloud gaming services based on your own business needs/requirements and have full control on all elements of the services? We got the answer for you! With Ubitus patented cloud gaming platform solution “GameCloud®”, which delivers unparalleled performance and scale by supporting the highest concurrency and lowest power consumption in the industry, we can enable you a scalable and robust cloud gaming end-to-end solution that helps you bring distinctive gaming service to your customers at highly cost-effective price points.Click to learn more about Ubitus GameCloud® platform

Channel Partnership Solution

Today’s business environment rewards those who can act faster and more efficiently, making the most of today’s most important asset—time. Ubitus can provide you a complete cloud gaming services infrastructure -- GameNow -- and client application that would immediately enable cloud gaming services on your devices timely to create killer differentiation compare to your competitors.

Content Partnership Solution

Are you looking for innovative ways to bring your amazing PC/Online games/contents to new markets while gaining access to broader monetization channels? Ubitus Game Development Kit (GDK) is the only toolkit available in the market to enable content publishers/developers like you to convert PC/Online games to support cloud gaming without changing code.Click to learn more about Ubitus GDK