D2C R and Ubitus Partner Up to Offer New Digital Advertising Solution『Click2Play』(C2P) in Japan Market

【Tokyo】 September. 3th, 2015 -- Ubitus Inc., the worldwide leader in cloud game streaming technologies, today announced its collaboration with D2C R, the leading mobile advertising company in Japan, to launch the latest digital advertising service『C2P』(Click2Play) in Japan market. The『C2P』solution allows users to “try” mobile games and Apps before “download,” to generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision.

Developed by Ubitus to revolutionize the user experience of on-line advertising in boosting the engagement rate, the C2P (Click2Play) solution is the first-of-its-kind pure HTML5-based solution running on both iOS & Android platforms, allowing end user to intuitively “Click” on a banner or a streaming video and instantly “Play” games or trial applications running on the cloud, with the instantaneous UI feedbacks streamed down to their mobile/PC browsers via seamless video, without the necessity for any downloading or installations before experiencing. Powered by Ubitus patented GPU virtualization and real-time streaming technologies, C2P solution has already been proven to support over 1,000 top-ranked Android Apps on the Google Play store, with high readiness for advertisers to adopt at ease.

Ubitus has been partnering with first-tier game developers and leading telecom service providers in Japan over the years. Through this long-term, strategic collaboration, Ubitus has already established a solid foundation for C2P service rollout, in terms of scale of system deployment, nationwide broadband network coverage, and proven service stability/reliability. Therefore, with the cutting-edge technologies, service operation experience, and sufficient capacity to support massive numbers of concurrent users (CCU) greater than any of the similar kind in Japan, Ubitus’ C2P proposition can offer much flexibility to meet advertisers’ business need with proven capacity and service quality.

“ The values of Click2Play (C2P) in my perspective can be twofold: firstly, it creates a new way of interactive advertising as a marketing vehicle; secondly, APP and game developers can take advantage of the trial user’s reactions and feedback through test play via C2P to improve their products. “said Yuta Tokura, Director of D2C R.

“We are honored and exuberant to announce our new milestone, by leveraging our technological strengths underneath cloud-gaming, in the digital advertising arena with C2P. When Ubitus' technological strengthens in cloud gaming meet with D2C R's dominant position in digital marketing and advertising arena in Japan, in my eyes, it’s the dawn of a new era in Digital Marketing and the path to the future for the Advertisement Industry.” said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus.

About D2C R

D2C R is founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of D2C, the first mobile advertising company in theworld, established by Dentsu and NTT DOCOMO at Tokyo, Japan in year 2000. D2C R is a marketing company providing overall advertising and marketing business in the mobile device market focusing on the application area. It proposes integrated promotion from various area such as advertising and communication, and provide support so that excellent contents and services offered by enterprises reach more consumers, which could contribute to further improved quality of life and enrich the whole social communities.

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About Ubitus Inc.

Ubitus Inc. has the world's leading game virtualization technology and cloud-streaming platform. It strives to provide a more pervasive gaming user experience using top-notch technology, allowing players to play the best games at any time and any place as long as they are connected to the internet. The services are compatible across devices, platforms, and networks. It doesn't matter if the player is using a smart phone, tablet, PC, or smart TV.

As one of the leaders in cloud gaming technology and game streaming services, Ubitus has entered into long-term partnerships with top-notch international game developers, becoming the agent for many classic gaming masterpieces. It has penetrated the Japanese, Korean, US, Hong Kong, and Chinese market. It has liaised with leading telecom service providers, online service providers, and game makers everywhere to provide services to local gamers.

The company was established in 2007, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It currently has more than 140 employees, and has offices in the US, Japan, South Korea, and Mainland China. Since it was established, it has been generating record-breaking achievements in the global cloud gaming market and received widespread industry recognition in the respective countries.

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