KGC2012: Ubitus Brings World’s First GDK to Ease Developers’ Efforts to Convert Their Games to Support Cloud

Seoul, Oct. 8th 2012─Ubitus Inc., the worldwide technology leader in cloud gaming solutions, today announced the availability of world’s first Game Development Kit (GDK) at Korean Games Conference 2012 (KGC2012). For the first time, Ubitus GDK is enabling developers to easily convert their games to support cloud gaming services operated by service providers who leverages Ubitus GameCloud® solution.

Modern consumers become accustomed to instant access, on-demand, and interaction based on each individual's own terms. With the uptake of online and mobile gaming population, consumers are increasingly looking for on-demand access to multiple devices with consistent experiences. Ubitus GDK is therefore providing a simple and cost effective way to ease developers from investing enormously in customizing their games to different platforms and connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, STBs, PCs and smart TVs.

“To keep our game industry booming, Korea Game Developers Association (KGDA) holds KGC every year for in-house and independent developers to share their experiences and resources.” said Seung-Hun Lee, President of KGDA, “Ubitus GDK and GameCloud® provide abundant opportunities of business development. We are very glad to have Ubitus at KGC2012 and with Ubitus’ technology session and service demonstration, we expect to transform their know-how into immediate value for developers and to create win-win situation for all stakeholders”

 “LG U+’s cloud gaming service, C-games, has officially launched in Korea since July, 2012. Our subscribers can indulge themselves in high-quality, native-like gaming experiences right on their smartphones, tablets, STBs and PCs via Ubitus’ cloud technology. Ubitus GDK will play a critical role in the continued success of C-games.” said Byung-Wook Chun, SVP and Head of Service Platform BU of LG U+, “Together with Ubitus, we will work hard on providing more amazing cloud entertainment.”

“Ubitus is committed to deliver the most advanced technology, time-to-market and cost effective solutions to our strategic partners ever since we jumped into the cloud gaming industry.” said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus, “we believe that every KGC2012 attendee will be amazed at the potential business value we could offer in the cloud gaming market. We look forward to partnering with more local developers to strengthen Ubitus GameCloud® library.” At KGC2012, Ubitus will deliver sessions on GDK Introduction from 10:30 to 11:30 on October 8th at Room 105, and Game Virtualization and Case Studies from 17:00 to 18:00 on October 9th at Room 102. Live demonstration of Ubitus GDK and C-games will also be available between October 8th and October 10th at our booth at Coex Convention Center 1st floor.

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