Chinajoy 2012: Ubitus GameCloud® Powers Next-gen Entertainment to Smart TVs in China

【Shanghai, July25th 2012 】Ubitus Inc., the technology leader that provides cloud gaming solutions, will sponsor 2012 IGDA Games Pavilion Networking Party, which has been the biggest party during Chinajoy. All visitors can instantly experience high quality and convenience of Smart TV cloud gaming, right happening in people’s daily life. IGDA party will be taken place at Kathleen’s 5, on the 5th floor of Shanghai Art Museum, next to People’s Park; people can enter into the venue from 7pm.

Together with China Telecom, Ubitus will kick off smart TV cloud gaming service on China’s Independence Day 2012. China will be the third but the biggest market in Ubitus’ service territories, followed by the commercial launches in Japan and Korea.

Ubitus GameCloud® Technology specializes in rendering games requiring graphics computing on the server cloud into streaming videos. Coupled with NVIDIA GeForce® Grid™ technology and Kepler GPU architecture, GameCloud® is capable of more game concurrencies and less power consumption. Without any download or installation, end users can easily enjoy cloud-based games anytime, anywhere by the pre-bundled interface on their smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, STBs and PCs.

The cloud gaming demonstration will be running on 50” TVs in the Ball Room of Kathleen’s 5, which will offer the opportunities of experiencing this ready-to-go service right before the launch. Visitors can control a series of popular titles, including fighting, racing, sport, action and RPG, from note game publishers and developers over joysticks or tablets. RSVP via IGDA website if you would like to have the most fun during your visit to 2012 Chinajoy. (

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