Our Products

Modern consumers become accustomed to instant access, on-demand, and interaction based on each individual's own terms. However, consumers today still need to

  • Choose specific device to play specific game title acquired from different channels (developers and gamers are hijacked by Hardware, OS & engine specific platforms), and;
  • pre-pay high upfront cost followed by tedious ongoing recharge efforts.

Ubitus aims to provide our customers re-usable and scalable cloud-based turnkey solutions that make their services more

Attractive (native-like quality)
Accessible (multi-point collaborations)
Affordable (low cost of ownership)

Learn more about our technologies

Ubitus GameCloud ® (UGC)

World most scalable and flexible end-to-end cloud gaming system for fixed and wireless networks service providers, OEMs and game developers.

Ubitus Game Development Kit (GDK)

GDK is a game adaptation tool that helps you quickly reach new platforms, bring games to new markets and earn more money.

Ubitus C2P ® (Click2Play)

World first pure HTML5-based solution running on both iOS & Android platforms, allowing users to “Click” and instantly “Play” games or trial applications running on the cloud.

Ubitus ApplicationCloud (UAC)

Cloud-based application suite empower users to enjoy all high performance PC apps remotely with any clients.

Ubitus TransmediaCloud (UTC)

Multi-way n-screen live video/3D fetching, editing, transcoding & delivery.