Our Products

Modern consumers become accustomed to instant access, on-demand, and interaction based on each individual's own terms. However, consumers today still need to

  • Choose specific device to play specific game title acquired from different channels (developers and gamers are hijacked by Hardware, OS & engine specific platforms), and;
  • pre-pay high upfront cost followed by tedious ongoing recharge efforts.

Ubitus aims to provide our customers re-usable and scalable cloud-based turnkey solutions that make their services more

Attractive (native-like quality)
Accessible (multi-point collaborations)
Affordable (low cost of ownership)

Learn more about our technologies

Ubitus GameCloud ® (UGC)

World most scalable and flexible end-to-end cloud gaming system for fixed and wireless networks service providers, OEMs and game developers.

Ubitus Game Development Kit (GDK)

GDK is a game adaptation tool that helps you quickly reach new platforms, bring games to new markets and earn more money.

Ubitus C2P ® (Click2Play)

World first pure HTML5-based solution running on both iOS & Android platforms, allowing users to “Click” and instantly “Play” games or trial applications running on the cloud.

Ubitus InstaPlay

The solution allows users to stream early gameplay “instantly” as the rest of the game downloads in the background. What once was wait time is now play time.

Ubitus ApplicationCloud (UAC)

Cloud-based application suite empower users to enjoy all high performance PC apps remotely with any clients.

Ubitus TransmediaCloud (UTC)

Multi-way n-screen live video/3D fetching, editing, transcoding & delivery.