September 03, 2015

D2C R and Ubitus Partner Up to Offer New Digital Advertising Solution『Click2Play』(C2P) in Japan Market

【Tokyo】 September. 3th, 2015 -- Ubitus Inc., the worldwide leader in cloud game streaming technologies, today announced its collaboration with D2C R, the leading mobile advertising company in Japan, to launch the latest digital advertising service『C2P』(Click2Play) in Japan market. The『C2P』solution allows users to “try” mobile games and Apps before “download,” to generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision

Developed by Ubitus to revolutionize the user experience of on-line advertising in boosting the engagement rate, the C2P (Click2Play) solution is the first-of-its-kind pure HTML5-based solution running on both iOS & Android platforms, allowing end user to intuitively “Click” on a banner or a streaming video and instantly “Play” games or trial applications running on the cloud, with the instantaneous UI feedbacks streamed down to their mobile/PC browsers via seamless video, without the necessity for any downloading or installations before experiencing. Powered by Ubitus patented GPU virtualization and real-time streaming technologies, C2P solution has already been proven to support over 1,000 top-ranked Android Apps on the Google Play store, with high readiness for advertisers to adopt at ease....